Winning 8th Grade Scholarship Essay (2008)

There are certain things that I know my classmates will remember me as: the quiet kid, the shy kid, the smart kid, the nice kid, the kid who all the teachers liked. However, there are also some things that I, personally, would like to be remembered as; some things that my classmates would have never thought to attach, simply because they never knew. They always saw and judged what was on the outside – my shining, happy, confident exterior that put a smile on everyone’s face – but never once did it cross their minds that a storm might be brewing inside me. Indeed, something was happening that even I couldn’t completely understand.

I have been at Our Lady’s since kindergarten, but it wasn’t until fourth grade that I started having trouble. Every day I was plagued by uncontrollable panic attacks that forbade me to walk through the narrow doorways into the dimly lit corridors of the school I had come to know so well. I had my “good days” when I could get myself to go in, but usually not to class. I spent most of my time either at the office, alone, or at home if I couldn’t bring myself to do it that day. This eventually escalated to a point where I had to have a tutor come to my home just to do schoolwork with me so I wouldn’t be counted as truant.

This was definitely the worst period of my life. I didn’t know myself anymore, and I remember feeling alone and angry with myself for acting so foolishly. However, in seventh grade, the panic attacks finally subsided, and I returned to Our Lady’s with confidence I had forgotten I had. In the second term, I received first honors for the first time and continued working hard in school all the way up until today, in the eighth grade.

So if there’s one thing I want to be remembered for here at Our Lady’s, it’s my resilience. We can’t let anything stop us from shining and moving forward. When the going gets tough, you have to rise to meet the challenge, and that’s exactly what I did. I hope that I’ve left my imprint on this school, and that because of me, my teachers will now be able to see the beauty in even the most troubled children.

Kylie Morin
June 2008

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