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Although autistic people are often thought of as being concrete, literal thinkers who do not understand figurative language or nonverbal communication, I have always enjoyed a healthy dose of humor. In fact, that was one reason why professionals did not want to diagnose me with autism as kid… because I was too sarcastic. Go figure.

From a young age, I loved finding creative ways to play with words, often taking friendly jabs at family members and coming up with outrageous puns. As I grew older, my creativity blossomed as I discovered writing, diving headfirst into poetry and creative nonfiction. Although I was quiet, writing quickly became my voice and my preferred way of engaging with the world, one that would sustain me through a period of intense anxiety and school avoidance. Today, I continue to use my writing to reach out to others who are different and show them what is possible.

My hope is that someday everyone will be able to see and appreciate the power of neurodiverse minds. That is my goal with this blog – to improve education about autism, learning disabilities, and other forms of neurodivergence; to inspire conversation about the social and emotional issues facing neurodivergent individuals today; and to encourage neurodivergent people to express themselves, in whatever form that may take. I strive to share my experiences with a combination of humor, insight, and serious discussion, in the hope that I can leave the world a little better than I found it.

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